evanston Location

The Waiting Room

Welcome to the tour of our facility! In our waiting room, you will meet our research coordinator who will provide you with all necessary information and answer any initial questions you may have.


The Interview Suite

In the interview suite, we complete all interviews with study participants. You will meet here with one of our team members to discuss your involvement in the study, complete clinical interviews, and fill out questionnaires. Should you have any questions during your participation in other aspects of the study, we can meet with you here to check in and address any concerns.


The Family Interview Suite

If you are under the age of 18, or if you wish your loved ones to come to ADAPT with you and learn more about the program, we can accommodate for family interviews. Anyone who accompanies you is welcome to wait for you in either of the interview rooms while you are participating in the study.




The Assessment Suite

In the assessment suite, we will work with you to evaluate different aspects of your functioning depending on the type of study you participate in. You will be asked to complete various interactive computerized tasks, paper and pencil tasks, and other activities. 




 The Exercise Room


The exercise room is designed for the exercise intervention you may be eligible to participate in. The intervention includes aerobic exercising, and our goal is to increase your fitness abilities and determine how that improves your brain health. Our trained exercise physiologist monitors all sessions and works with participants on motivation and reaching their fitness goals.



Currently, our equipment involves a treadmill and an elliptical with interactive features. We offer music, videos, and dynamic games with an option to sync portable devices to the equipment. For completion of consecutive exercise sessions, you can win lottery tickets to enter raffles and win prizes!




The Work Room

ADAPT faculty and staff complete projects in the work room. Here, we safely process and store information we gather from you during your involvement in the study. All information you share is confidential, stored in locked cabinets, and your name is not included in your file. Instead, you will be given a unique code number by which the information is identified. 


The Conference Room

In the conference room, the ADAPT team holds meetings and video conference calls with our Colorado location and our collaborators. Additionally, this is where our team members present on their work, and if you choose so, we can show you a presentation on the projects you may be able to participate in. 


DOWNTOWN Chicago location

The Downtown Site Meeting Area

A research team member will meet all participants in the lobby of the Tarry Research Building and escort them to our testing suite.


The Downtown Site Office


This office is used for coordinating visits to our neuroimaging facility as well as providing a point of contact for participants who would prefer to meet in the Streeterville area (rather than go up to Evanston)


The Downtown Testing Suite


This testing room is used to provide clinical and cognitive assessments that occur around the time of scanning, eye tracking, or fitness testing evaluations (which occur in the Medical School).  It also serves as a place for participants who prefer not to travel to Evanston to still be involved in ADAPT lab research.  Please note: for those interested, ADAPT staff will escort you or your family member between Evanston and Downtown visits, and the ADAPT program will also cover all transportation fees.